Oakstead is represented by a homeowner’s association (HOA). The HOA is responsible for the enforcement of the covenants and deed restrictions, as governed by the adopted by-laws. The services provided are:

–  Administrative
–  Financial
–  Architectural reviews
–  Enforcement activities
–  Legal
–  Insurance provision

The Association contracts with an association management company to provide property management services and handle the day-to-day affairs of the Association. If you should have any questions, please contact Greenacre Properties Inc. at 1-813-600-1100.

Note:  After nearly 20 years with Associa Gulf Coast an extensive search was conducted to find a new management company.  Through a thorough and time-consuming process, Greenacre Properties Inc. was selected as our new management company and took over effective 1 March 2023.  If you didn’t get a welcome letter from Greenacre Properties, please reach out to Jolene Miller ( to get the information.  Thanks!

Administrative Functions

  • Assist homeowners regarding questions and issues
  • Track activity within the Association (phone calls, complaints, violations, etc.)
  • Collect, sort, and distribute mail as necessary
  • Assist Board with enforcing the Declarations, Covenants, and By-Laws
  • Collect ARC Request forms and deliver them to ARC Committee for approval
  • Maintain thorough communications with Board members
  • Maintain and provide access to association records

Financial Services

  • Bill, collect and deposit dues and assessments
  • Send delinquent notices/submit to the Board statement of delinquent accounts
  • Coordinate collection actions when directed by the Board
  • Pay all vendors and bills as provided in the budget or approved by Board
  • Prepare quarterly or monthly operating statements
  • Prepare all necessary tax reports
  • Assist the Board in preparing annual budgets

Attend Monthly & Annual HOA Meetings

  • Assist in preparations for homeowners meetings and attend them
  • Provide expense, inspection, financial, etc reports to the board
  • Distribute pertinent information to owners as agreed upon

Supervise Maintenance of Common Areas & Covenant Enforcement

  • Inspections of the common areas
  • Tag & log violations within the community
  • Assist in drafting bid specifications for work to be done
  • Negotiate contracts on behalf of the HOA
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