Oakstead is represented by a homeowner’s association (HOA). The HOA is responsible for the enforcement of the covenants and deed restrictions, as governed by the adopted by-laws. The services provided are:

–  Administrative
–  Financial
–  Architectural reviews
–  Enforcement activities
–  Legal
–  Insurance provision

The Association contracts with an association management company to provide property management services and handle the day-to-day affairs of the Association. If you should have any questions, please contact Associa at 1-877-322-1560.

Note:  The association went through an RFP process to determine whether or not we should continue with Associa in 2016.  After an extensive and exhaustive search, we determined that staying with Associa was the best choice not only because they are cost-effective but deliver value for the fees we pay them as compared to their competition.

Administrative Functions

  • Assist homeowners regarding questions and issues
  • Track activity within the Association (phone calls, complaints, violations, etc.)
  • Collect, sort and distribute mail as necessary
  • Assist Board with enforcing the Declarations, Covenants, and By-Laws
  • Collect ACC Request forms and deliver to ACC Committee for approval
  • Maintain thorough communications with Board members
  • Maintain and provide access to association records

Financial Services

  • Bill, collect and deposit dues and assessments
  • Send delinquent notices/submit to Board statement of delinquent accounts
  • Coordinate collection actions when directed by the Board
  • Pay all vendors and bills as provided in the budget or approved by Board
  • Prepare quarterly or monthly operating statements
  • Prepare all necessary tax reports
  • Assist the Board in preparing annual budgets

Attend Monthly & Annual HOA Meetings

  • Assist in preparations for homeowners meetings and attend them
  • Provide expense, inspection, financial, etc reports to the board
  • Distribute pertinent information to owners as agreed upon

Supervise Maintenance of Common Areas & Covenant Enforcement

  • Inspections of the common areas
  • Tag & log violations within the community
  • Assist in drafting bid specifications for work to be done
  • Negotiate contracts on behalf of the Board
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